Free Downloads

Here you can download everything you need to build all the antweight robot-wars kit:

  • 3D print easy-build robots
  • Arena – CNC or hand-build
  • Programmable Arduino controller

What and How – Start Here

For an in-depth manual covering what’s available for download, how to get it, how to use it, and how to build it, please click here (opens new tab).

If you need assistance using any of the downloads, do just ask.

Robot Hardware Downloads

These are ready-to-use robot chassis and other parts (wheels etc) which go with them. These are all Fusion 360 links. If you’re not familiar with Fusion 360, please see the getting-started guide in the appendix of the PDF, above.

Why no easy-to-use STLs of these robots? The robots are being designed, tested, and redesigned frequently.  The Fusion links get you the latest stable designs. But maybe you’ve got your own webpage where you’d like to mirror the designs in STL format? That’d be awesome.

These Fusion links may not work on Linux – sorry, but that’s out of my hands. Please consider setting up a Win7/8/10 VirtualBox.

Robot Component Downloads For Your Own DIY Robots

  • Fusion 360 Robot-Parts-Bundle of universal parts for our robots. Re-released 2018/02/16. This includes:

    • Wheels and tyre-moulds – 25mm. Now fully parameterised.
    • LiPo battery case with snap-on lid. Parametrised and re-sizable for any modestly-sized LiPo with JST-XH connector.
    • Radio receiver case. Specifically made for the play-all-day receiver/ESC board
    • Motor mount. Holds any Pololu-style motor. Partially parametrised.
    • Flat servo mount. Holds a Corona MG929HV servo laid on its side. It’s not a very good design. Sorry 🙁

These components are useful elements of hardware that you can drag into your own robots. They are not stand-alone printable items. Feel free to use these in your own Fusion 360 or Inventor projects. Please remember the copy-left license terms if you use these parts in your robots: anything you publish, give away, or sell which uses these designs must also be open-source and offered under the same license as these parts are offered to you.

Guidance for how to use these parts in your designs is given in the PDF, see link at top of the page.

Radio Hardware Downloads

*Part-built receivers and bare transmitter board kits can be obtained here, if you need them.

Radio Software Downloads

Arena Hardware Downloads

  • Fusion 360 Open Arena for building out of MDF or ply. Suitable for the play-all-day bots. Released 2018/01/25.
  • Plans to CNC an AWS-compliant polycarbonate-covered arena. Expected in the next few months. Maybe.

**Don’t have an 8’x4′ CNC machine? No problem – you can also cut the arena parts by hand. Or of course a really good option is for you to seek out a local maker-space that has a SheetCNC machine or similar. That’s what maker-spaces are for.


This Linux-centric dev is aware that some of the plain-text documents in the downloads can’t be viewed properly on some of the more obscure operating systems out there. Such as Windows. Let me know if it’s a real pain and I’ll work harder on getting it sorted 🙂

All downloads may be updated or withdrawn without notice. If you download a thing that you like, please be sure to keep backups of it. The links here may change to point to new versions or even to completely redesigned items. I don’t keep old versions – life is too short. So your backup of an older version may become the only copy in the world.