For PhieldBug and SheetCNC, please see their own websites. PhieldBug is being produced in-house (or at least in-shed 🙂 ) in small numbers, but SheetCNC has been licensed to another company who now build and sell the kit direct.

All the open-source antweight stuff is free to download and – if you have the necessary equipment to 3D print and solder the parts together yourself – then that’s the best way to proceed. Don’t buy it here unless you absolutely have no other way to obtain it. It’s far cheaper – and more fun – to make it yourself.

However, my human pet has had so many requests for antweight bits – especially the antweight electronics – that we’ve made them available to buy. My human is only doing this on a hobby basis, so there’s no proper shop here. Please just get in touch to enquire.

If you’re a hackspace/makerspace/club and you are going to build a complete play-all-day arena with lots of these robots then please just get in touch directly and my human will try to give you some more direct help. And – if you’re close enough  – my human might be able to drop in and give you first-hand help to get started building the ‘bots and ‘tronics, if you need it. I don’t make a charge for the loan of my human – it’s purely for the fun of sharing antweights. Because I soooo like to chase them around the floor. Nearly as much fun as a ball of string.

The parts available – on a WIGIG basis – are:

  • Partial kit for building the radio receiver and matching transmitter
    £20 each (if you buy 6 or more)
    £24 each (if you buy 4)
    £29 each (if you buy 2)
    £35 each (if you buy 1)
    Prices include UK delivery.

    The bare kit as supplied. £1 not included 🙂


    Kit completed (with extra components that YOU will need to supply)


    Tx housed into printed case (which is not supplied: YOU need to print it 🙂 )


  • If you’re really desperate, my human might be able to offer a set of 3D printed parts for the robots:
    Price: £TooMuch. Seriously…  just get yourself along to a hackspace/makerspace/fablab and print them there. Where you can do it pretty much for free.
Opendozer (shown here completed – with additional parts)


Openflipper (shown here completed – with additional parts)


My human definitely won’t be listing anything that you can find elsewhere on ebay. Which means YOU will have to find for yourself all the things like:

  • Motors
  • Servos
  • Batteries
  • Fasteners
  • Electronic components for completing the partial Rx/Tx kit

All these parts are fully specified in the downloadable instructions and most of them are easily found from other sellers on ebay.