Mechanical Cat

Hello 🙂 I’m Mechanical Cat. This is what I look like:

These pages are about me and my human pet: an ex-engineer turned amateur robot-maker who builds daft stuff for me to play with.

A lot of what you’ll find on these pages has been designed and constructed by a single individual (under my direction, of course. Me-ow.) But some of the things here have been built in collaboration with others, mostly at FabLab Pembrokeshire.

My human was a volunteer running the Robot and Gadget Builders Group at FabLab. But sadly that’s now closed down. (My human assures me that these are entirely unrelated facts.)

If there’s enough interest my human might help set up an independent maker-space. So if you’re in the Narberth area and you’re into making gadgets and you fancy helping-out at a maker-space, then please get in touch.

Anyways… click through the links above to find a small selection of the nutty projects that my human has built to amuse me.