Join In

My pet human didn’t just make stuff in a shed all alone… my human also volunteered at FabLab Pembrokeshire organising (I use that word loosely) the gadget building group there.

What did the FabLab gadget building group do?

My human tells me that they got together and they built… stuff. Mostly robots, electronic thingummies, mechanical gubbins, and programmable wotsits. Most of the things walked, or flew, or talked, or had embedded computers. Some of them even worked like they should. And if anyone turned up at FabLab with something that looked like being a fun project, then they were delighted to help them build it.

One of their activities was building and battling antweight robot-wars battlebots. Find our more here.

FabLab was open to everyone, although under-18’s had to be accompanied by an adult.

Who can join in?

Sadly, FabLab Pembrokeshire has now closed. But maybe you’re in the Narberth area and would like to help my human to set up a new maker-space along the same lines as FabLab, with 3D printers, CNC machines, and other cool tools? If so, please get in touch.