Join In

My pet human doesn’t just make stuff in a shed. My human also volunteers at FabLab Pembrokeshire, organising (I use that word loosely) the gadget building group there. So, if you’re local to Pembrokeshire, you can join in too.

What does the FabLab gadget building group do?

My human tells me that they get together and they build… stuff. Mostly robots, electronic thingummies, mechanical gubbins, and programmable wotsits. Most of the things walk, or fly, or talk, or have embedded computers. Some of them even work like they should. So if you turn up at FabLab with something that looks like being a fun project, then they’ll be delighted to help you make it.

One of their activities is building and battling antweight robot-wars battlebots. Find our more here.

Who can join in?

Almost anyone. Simply join FabLab (which is free), and come along to any of the meet-ups. Families are very welcome with children of any age, but under-18’s must be accompanied please.


The gadget building group meets at FabLab which means they have free access to 3D printers, CNC machines, and lots of kinds of design software and CAD/CAM. They also have expertise in electronics and Arduino.

If you’re too far away to make it to FabLab Pembrokeshire, all of their antweight designs are available to you open-source. Download them here. Why not find a local hack-space or maker-space near you, and build them there?

Yes, it’s all free…

Just in case you haven’t twigged already… most of the gadget builder group’s resources and events are free. There are no membership fees, minimal (or no) fees to use the tools, and no subs. Meetings are informal and are run by FabLab volunteers. So just come along and have a go. Families are welcome.